Cori Rubio Books

US$5.99 each. Now available on Kindle.

The events in the six Cori Rubio books take place mostly in the actual world, a parallel world where magic and bisexuality are as ubiquitous as smart phones are in the literal world. Follow Cori as he journeys from bored disaffection to reluctant responsibility. He may be talented enough to save the world, but does he care? No.

Well, he cares, but not about that.

The main events are familiar to fans of coming-of-age fantasy novels, and these books are obvious and unfaithful rip-offs of a boy-wizard series. But, this globe-trotting, multinational tale told from the perspective of a committed bystander—and full of rich portrayals of alternate landscapes and many ways of life—will bring freshness to your jaded eyes as well as to your cats’. And you will never scoff at fermented bananas or gull spit again.

Book I. It Doesn’t Make Any SenseCover 1

It is his first year at the International School for the Gifted, a school for young mages in a parallel world, and Cori is not impressed. Herbal magic. Wanding. Flying on a plastic disc. Cori is all very good at it, but none of the explanations on how things work makes any sense. Even the talk of an impending, inevitable war bores him. What is a disaffected youth to do? Try not to get involved, of course! Oh, and talk to a mysterious voice that may or may not be evil, and to a giant cat that may or may not be a bad kitty!

US$5.99. Now available on Kindle.

Book II. People Have This Thing Called “Free Will”Cover 2

His second year at the International School for the Gifted is about to begin, and Cori only grudgingly returns. As the war comes closer, the students begin to flaunt their opposing loyalties. In the mean time, Cori has to deal with the death of a friend, an extremely annoying new friend, a beautiful but evil lover-of-an-ex with chocolate allergies, and soul fragments of someone who is playing a dangerous game. Cori does his best to stay out of it all, but in this, of course, he fails spectacularly. One does wonder, is the giant cat now a good kitty?

US$5.99. Now available on Kindle.

Book III. Sometimes I Really Hate My JobCover 3

His third year at the International School for the Gifted starts, for a change, with Cori bathed in love and friendship and fun and games and good food. He is even surprised by welcome visitors and by a grumpy fugitive in need of help. Having to kill someone in self-defense is a minor inconvenience, as he and his friends force the others at the school into a peace deal by holding handball games hostage. But, will his friendships and romance survive the giant cat’s happiness?

US$5.99. Now available on Kindle.

Book IV. It Tastes like the EarthCover 4

During the summer before his fourth year at the International School for the Gifted, Cori had his internship at the Place, a sprawling, colossal abomination in southern Africa. Clearly, the experience has changed him, and his friends only slowly discover what has happened. In the mean time, the International School for the Gifted is on a suspicious verge of becoming the next world handball champion. Could Cori’s childhood friend from the Bay Area have something to do with this? Has Cori found his true, hot love? Will the giant cat ever stop being hungry?

US$5.99. Now available on Kindle.

Book V. This Is Your PrerogativeCover 5

The International School for the Gifted is now considered a safe haven from the war, and is flooded with new students and overprotective parents. Still, the school board refuses to believe that the war has already begun. For his fifth year, Cori is recruited to teach wanding classes, and is soon asked to teach wanding to the villagers. When the war comes to the International and the village, what will the school board do? What will Cori advise the villagers to (not) do? Who is confusing the giant cat? Who will save the raccoons?

US$5.99. Now available on Kindle.

Book VI. For Your Own ProtectionCover 6

Cori’s return to the International School for the Gifted for his sixth year is complicated by a terrorist attack at the San Francisco International Airport, and a secretive band of literals who are trying to thwart what they believe is a nefarious alien plot. How is Cori going to return to school, and how is he then going to deal with the prophesied battle royal on campus? Will disc golf save the world? Will the awesome giant cat save the day? And what’s with the lady in the red Volvo convertible?

US$5.99. Now available on Kindle.