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Journey through the StatesPrint

US $5.99. Now available on Kindle.

Mary and Joseph, two 16-year-old Christians, freshly graduated from high school, are traveling east on an internal combustion vehicle on a summer day in 2324 AD, 1755 AH. Everyone knows what this is about. Over a week or so, they will drive out of Inner Oregon Autonomous Region, across the Islamic States of America, and arrive at the Federal Republic of New England, New York, New Jersey, and Northeastern Pennsylvania, derogatorily and affectionately referred to as Newland. There, the plan goes, they will attend a four-week-long religious camp, and then, as far as anyone will know, die. To be precise, they will fake their death and find their way to Outer Oregon, a protectorate of California Republic, to live happily ever after, in the land of promise, the land of progress, the land of tolerance.

Or, will they?

Follow the two travelers as they encounter sublime and ridiculous citizens of the Islamic States, a place where modern technology is deemed contrary to Holy Scriptures, where people are friendly but deeply incompetent, and where very few people practice what they are preached.

Some will help them in their journey.

Some will complicate things. A lot.

Some will tell them unbelievable stories from their past.

Which may very well be the best part of this trip.

Now available on Kindle.

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