“Harry Potter Comes To Your House”

Another entry for Writer’s Digest writing prompt.


(I’ve changed it to when they are adults.)

“So, it must be quite awkward for you,” said Father. I held my breath.

Harry didn’t see what was coming. “Sorry?”

My father took another bite of pudding, and immediately realized his mistake. He held up a finger while he finished the bite. “Being named, you know, like the famous…”

Harry still didn’t get it.

Mother did. She decided to intervene. “Dear, could you pass me the…”

“Oh! Ah. Here.” At least Father was able to read her mind. And easily lost his train of thought. His mind was a wrecking yard of old train cars still carrying their precious unfinished thoughts.


“This is the thing…” Harry held it out.

I jumped back. No way. There was no way. “No way, Harry. No. Way.”

“It’s all broken up now. It’s not a Horcrux anymore.”

“I don’t care. I’m not letting that anywhere near me.” Just to make the point, I stepped further away from him.

“Oh…” Harry looked quite crestfallen. Disappointed. Rejected.

Like the way I felt when he had rejected me. “If it’s really that harmless, why don’t you just keep it? Hang it on your wall or something. You know, like a trophy. Or give it to Ron. He’s the one who…”

“Yeah, well, he definitely doesn’t want it.”

“Then why me?”

Harry blushed.

I had no idea what that meant. All I had were some wild guesses. His b&*$@ wife probably thought I was dispensable. Or harmless. Or both. Just didn’t want such a dirty thing in their house, with a baby coming. Can’t just recycle the Dark Lord’s old junk. What could she do with it? I know—give it to the slut who’s always hated her.

Better yet, Harry thought I was dispensable. Persuadable. Bored with my menial job and wanted something “special” from the “special” guy who…

“Honestly, because I’ve asked everyone else.”


“You’re the last person I wanted to ask… and now, literally, you are the last person I’m asking.”

I frowned. What did he mean?

“I can’t keep it. I know… It’s just too tempting. It still…”

My frown deepened even as I started to understand. There was a rumor that What’s-his-name had imbued it with a lot more magic before deciding to use it as a Horcrux.

“I should not be near this thing. None of the people who know Dark Magic should be near it, and you are the last person I know who doesn’t know any Dark Magic. And…”

“And yet you don’t want any harm to come to me.”

Harry smiled thinly, and nodded. “I… I did like you.”

“Bullshit.” He was telling the truth, however.

“I mean, I liked you a lot. I’m so sorry… I wasn’t turning you down. I was just too shy…”

I took the locket. “Bullshit.” I believed him.


“Is it gonna try to kill me?”

I put it around my neck, and Harry flinched. He wasn’t sure.