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Kobo and Nook Technical Difficulties

Cori Rubio books 1 and 2 are available now on Kobo and Nook, but the technical problems persist.

On Kobo, purchased books do not show up in the library. We’ve been assured that this was a matter of time.

On Nook, there is a weird formatting problem on the iPhone app; looks like some kind of a hard return problem. We do not yet have a solution for this. It works fine if viewed on a Web browser.

We will keep you posted. Let us know if you have any difficulties.

[Updated 6/11/15: Kobo is working fine now.]

States Is Coming Soon!

Things are really moving at a break-neck speed around here. Looks like we will be able to upload Journey through the States some time next weekend; it will be available for purchase a few days after that. Judging by our visitor statistics, there is a lot of interest in States. Right now, I am the bottleneck, so I’ll get my butt in gear and make it happen!

One quick update. We are having some delays with Kobo and Nook that we hope to resolve soon. On Kobo, it appears that you can purchase the books but not download it, yet. On Nook, we’re having problems with the uploading process. If anything develops, I will post an update.

Cori Rubio Book 1 Is On

Cover 1Cori Rubio Book 1, It Doesn’t Make Any Sense, is now available on Kindle and iBooks.

Cori Rubio Book 2, People Have This Thing Called “Free Will”, will be next. We are hoping for the end of June, but it may spill into July.

This is all happening sooner than we planned, thanks to everyone’s hard work. I can’t remember for sure, and computer file dates are giving me ambiguous information, but I think I started working on these books in 2009 or 2010. Above all, I’m happy that they are seeing the light of day!


The Experiment Begins

We just turned on the commenting feature, with login using Disqus, Google, and Twitter. Please let us know how it works.

We are using a number of filtering techniques, so if you have trouble posting a message, please use the “Contact” link. If you could tell us your ip address, e-mail, and attempted method of login, we can try to fix the problem, or add you manually as a user.

I Hate Color Profiles!

Actually, I don’t, but they’ve been giving me hell this week. Mostly the problem is that I’ve been doing cover designs in CMYK—you know, since they are for books—but then they look awful on computers. My iPad is especially lousy at this; time to upgrade to iOS 8, I guess. I am converting them to RGB, which means everything has to be readjusted… and then rechecked on multiple screens in multiple software in multiple OS… Color profiles were supposed to make this all unnecessary!

And don’t get me started on sRGB vs Adobe RGB. You can see Ken Rockwell’s rants instead.

[Added 5/11/15] This one is CMYK sRGB:


And this one is RGB sRGB, with some shadow enhancement: